Eco-Friendly Tile

For the environmentally Conscience


Eco-Friendly or Green products are here to stay.  With homeowners and manufacturers becoming green conscious, it is important to offer the best tile design we can find.  Whether it is post-consumer recycled or naturally organic and from mother nature, we carry many tile lines and designs.

We strive to meet all of our consumers needs.  From 70% to 99% recycled glass tile, we have a deluge of choices.  We also carry green porcelain products that have the newest technology behind its origins.  American and Italian factories are especially concerned with the correct recycling requirements to meet specific green codes.  At Tile Market we can provide responsible luxury products for the discerning client.  Remember, too, that eco-friendly tile products can be quite inexpensive as suppliers are in high gear these days.  Everyone wants to be more green.


Tile Market is a long standing member of the USGBC for South Florida.  We continue to learn and be educated by this great organization so we are up-to-date on the latest in green tile couture.  Many of our experts are LEED certified so we source the most current information from the best.

If you want authentic qualified eco-friendly material, be careful you are not being ‘green-washed’.  This is a way for someone to sell you tile that has not been rated. You can always ask for documentation to prove specific ratings.

If we don’t know something, we will find out.  So feel comfortable that Tile Market & Design is your source for eco-friendly tile, green tile, and responsible luxury tile for the latest in tile culture.