Floor Tile

In Many Shapes and Sizes


Floor Tiles come in sizes that range from 1″ to Neolith  slabs. There are so many choices, which is a good thing since we all have different tastes. Tile Market & Design works with more than 400 vendors so we can bring all of these choices to you.  

We are continuously searching for the best looks, colors,  and pricing from all over the world so our choices will never end.  We have something for everyone.

Whether you’re renovating with existing wood flooring that we have to work with or height differences from carpet, we can assist you.  Our team members have vast experience in all types of construction and renovation so we can help guide the installer if necessary.  We have rectified porcelain, marble, stone, limestone, marble, stone, slate, mosaics, and more for all your floor tile needs.

Along with floor tile, we also handle stair steps and risers. Hand painted Mediterranean inspired design, stone and inlays, terracotta, and mosaics all play a role here. Whether you’re emulating Mission California or new transitional design, Tile Market can help you create your dream home look.